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E-citizen, Official e-mail

An official e-mail is an official means of communication which is granted and used for incoming messages free of charge. According to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, a person is also considered properly notified if the notification has been sent to their official e-mail address, and a read-receipt has been received. For more information press here

A Legal Entity Code is an 8-digit code which can be found in the state registration certificates issued to legal entities. To find a legal entity's code, you can also search on

To connect to the e-citizen system, you need to have an ID card and an ID card reader.

To connect to the system press


To see the list of the documents required for signing the support contract for e-Citizen, press here.

It is preferable to enter the portal with Google Chrome. If you still get the notification, follow these steps:

1. Check whether CryptoCard Suite Manager is installed and the CCMonitor icon is visible in the right-hand corner of the desktop.

2. Install public certificates (EKENG Certificate Installation) from

3. Check whether your ID Card (activated with the PIN code in advance) is connected to the computer.

4. If the problem persists:

  •   * Temporarily disable your antivirus system
  •   * Install Certificate X.509 by double clicking on ARMID(AuthPIN) and ARMID(SignPIN) in CryptoCard Suite Manager. They should be located in 'Trusted Root Certificate Authorities'.

5. Relaunch the browser.

6. If the problem persists, contact EKENG CJSC.

To read the guide for e-Citizen system administrators press here.


An electronic digital signature is a sequences of encrypted symbols attached to an electronic document which enables identification of the signer and protects the document from forgery.

Electronic signatures are used in electronic reports and all kinds of electronic document circulation.

To obtain an e-Signature, foreign citizens are advised to call +374 60 464 504 or send the scanned copies of their passport and social services number (social card) to

The Law of the Republic of Armenia on “Electronic Document and Electronic Signature”, adopted on 14.12.2004, regulates the relations concerning the application of electronic documents and electronic signatures. The law does not regulate relations concerning the use of electronic versions of a person’s manuscript signature and its copies, and the use of documents signed with them.

A natural person can use their e-Signature for different companies, if the relevant contracts have been signed with Tax and other services.

If you modify a document after it has been signed, the signature will be considered invalid.

ID Cards

An ID card contains the holder's biometric data, individual cryptographic keys for data protection, and electronic signature certificates.

Attention: when you receive your ID Card, please check that the Identity Card number and the “Document Number” on the PIN/PUK envelope are the same

After receiving a second ID Card you should apply to EKENG CJSC to ensure the reactivation.

ID Card Technical Questions

1. The device must have a full speed USB connection.
2. The device must be compliant with ISO 7816 standard.
3. The device must support T=0, T=1 protocols.
4. The device must support ID-1 Card.

1. SCR 3310/3310 v2.0 smart card reader
2. Actividdentity USB reader v3.0
3. Athena ASEDrive IIIe USB reader
4. Omnikey 3021 USB reader

CryptoCard Suite and JSignPDF are compatible with the following operating systems and software:

• Windows Vista
• Windows 7 / 8
• MS Office  2007 / 2010 / 2013
• Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader

If you get three error messages when activating your PIN code, the certificate will be invalidated and you will need to apply to the Passport and Visa Office of the Police of RA in order to obtain a new ID card.

At any time after the activation, nine wrong entries will lock your PUK code, and you will need to apply for a new ID card.

If the magenta certificate signs are missing in Cryptotech Suite Manager, Cryptotech Suite Manager should be reinstalled (it is advisable to uninstall it first, restart your computer and then install it).

After reinstalling the software make sure that the missing certificate signs have been restored.

If you get the above-mentioned message when trying to sign an MS 2010 file, please follow these steps:

Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> right click on Microsoft Office Word 2010, press Properties and select Compatibilty. Press Run (checkbox), select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and click OK:

If necessary, the same steps should be performed for the programs Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

If you get Validation Error after signing MS Office files, we recommend that you download and install public certificates.



In case of problems occurred while signing in MS Office after service annual activation, please be sure that you did not sign with a revoked certificate previously, as the reason of error messages can be the problem with CRL cache.

Generally, the cache is being updating during 24 hours. It is advised to try the troubleshooting steps below, to solve this issue manually:

PC-> start -> cmd -> right click-> run as administrator, enter the text "certutil -setreg chain\ChainCacheResyncFiletime @now" and click Enter.

To be informed about the time of signature in MS Word/Excel files, click on signature on the right corner of the document, then choose Signature Details and click on "See the additional signing information" as shown below:

To create a signature on each page in MS Word, click  Insert -> Signature Line -> Microsoft Office Signature Line -> Signature Setup - > Ok  on each page appropriately.  On appeared  X--------- lines left click, then press  Sign -> OK -> fill in Name Surname or press Select Image to upload a picture -> click Sign->enter Pin code -> Press OK.

If the certificate in JSignPdf does not upload when pressing Load Keys after having inserted the ID card into card reader, we recommend changing the key store type from WINDOWS-MY to WINDOWS ROOT, pressing Load Keys, disregarding the message, then choosing WINDOWS-MY and pressing Load Keys once more.

Attention: please also check the date and time on your computer.

To add 2 or more signatures in an MS Word document, remove the first card after signing, then  insert the second one, wait for certificate upload and sign by clicking  file® protect document®add a digital signature… first pressing the "change" button and choosing the certificate of the second signatory in the  "Sign" window.

Attention.   In order to avoid invalid signature it is required to:

  • save the document and afterwards sign.
  • close the document without clicking ‘’save as’’ after signing.


To create 2 graphical signatures in MS Word document, click  Insert -> Signature Line -> Microsoft Office Signature Line -> Signature Setup - > Ok and insert 2 signature lines.

On first X--------- line sign by first card  ( left click, then press  Sign -> OK -> fill in Name Surname or press Select Image to upload a picture -> click Sign->enter Pin code -> Press OK),  then insert the second card, wait for certificate activation and sign first choosing the "change" button in Sign window.

In order for two or more people to sign the same file, remove the first ID card from the card reader, insert the second one and press Load Keys in JSignPdf.

If necessary, choose the signer’s certificate from the appropriate list. Press Browse in the line Input PDF file and select the already signed file with the suffix “_signed”.

Attention. Select Append Signature to existing one otherwise the next signature will be placed deleting the previous one.

Open the file after signing it and make sure that the signatures of both the Tax Service and the signer(s) are on the document.

In order to change the place and size of your e-Signature in a PDF file, activate Visible Signature and press Settings. In the window Visible Signature Settings press Preview and Select and click the mouse to choose the place and size of the signature.

In order to change the appearance of the e-Signature in a PDF file, select one of the options in Visible Signature Settings -> Display

The problem may be caused by one of the following reasons:

1. The signature is not active because the annual fee has not been paid.

2. You have obtained a second ID card, which must be reactivated by EKENG.

3. If the signature is active but the report is not uploading, please try to upload it through a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

To include a certificate in Adobe Trusted Identity list, right-click on signature, choose Validate Signature -> Signature Properties -> Show Certificate -> Trust - Add to trusted Identities ->OK.

In opened Import Contact Settings window check the checkboxes "Use this certificate as a trusted root" and "Certified documents", as shown below:

For  Adobe Acrobat

To remove a certificate from Adobe Trusted Identity list, click on the document Advanced menu and select Manage Trusted Identities, then choose  Certificates from Contacts field and click Edit Trust.

In opened "Edit Certificate Trust"  window  uncheck the checkbox 'Use this certificate as a trusted root" and click on OK, as shown below:


For  Adobe Reader DC

To remove a certificate from Adobe Trusted Identity list in Adobe Reader DC, open the Preferences dialog box from Edit menu.
Under Categories, select Signatures-> For Identities & Trusted Certificates, click More. Select Trusted Certificates on the left, find a certificate from the list, and click Edit Trust.

In opened "Edit Certificate Trust"  window  uncheck the checkbox 'Use this certificate as a trusted root" and click on OK, as shown in the picture above.


This can happen, if:

1. Adobe Reader was installed after installing Cosign Client.

2. Adobe Reader was updated.

It is recommended that ARX Cosign software should be re-installed without unistalling the first one.

In case of two or more signatures and CDs, the program may be installed only once. In order to use two or more signatures on the same computer, once the first signer has used their signature, the second signer should click the Log off button in Start-> Programs-> ARX CoSign -> Cosign Control Panel, and sign the same document using another username and password.

Choose the Validate Signature submenu from the right hand side menu of the signature and choose the Signature Properties button. A window will appear with detailed information about the signature.

If Adobe Acrobat Professional is not installed on your computer, .pdf files can be signed using OmniSign.

In conjunction with e-Signature software ARX CoSign, SAPI – signature application programming interface provides digital signatures for web applications. One of the functionalities SAPI provides is:

• Web Services - This enables developers to use Web Services that run inside the CoSign appliance and also enables the platforms and development languages to interact with CoSign through the evolving standard of Web Services.

If you are using e-Signature for Web services and SOAP protocols, you may address your official request to EKENG CJSC, 4, Tigran Mets, Yerevan, RA and to send an e-mail to in order to receive all the items necessary for the integration.

ID card reader software

The ID card reader software is used to read, export and print ID card data without the possibility of making changes.

The ID card reader software license can be acquired by signing a contract and paying an annual fee of 10 000 AMD. See more

For instructions on how to install the ID card reader software see the ID card reader software user guide.

If you encounter problems during installation, please install dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe before installing the main setup.exe application.

To receive a new license, all existing customers should apply to EKENG by sending an email to or calling +374 60 464 504. The annual license fee is 10.000 AMD.


E-Repository system

1. Press “Add new Employee”


2. Enter the SSN and press “Search”

3. The “Personal data” field cannot be edited 
4. Fill in the “Personal data” fields for the employee, check the checkbox “Beneficiary”, fill in the dates, press “Add”.

The message means that the user is already active; that is, the user has already activated their login name by pressing the link sent to them.

If you lose the password for E-repository, enter your login name and press “Forgot Your Password”.

A window will open. Enter Login name and Social Service Number(Social Card number) and press "Send an e-mail".


An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail account registered during the activation of your login name, with a link to reset the password. Press "here" in the e-mail.

Attention. If you read the e-mail late, then an "Activation code time-out" message will appear when you press the link. To reset your password you will need to repeat the same steps.

After pressing the link "here" a new window will open. Enter your new password in the line "New Password", re-enter it in the line "Repeat the password" and press "Change".

When you successfully finish the password reset, the login page will open. You should enter your login name and new password.


To export the list of registered employees, press Find an employee and press Export CSV.
The list can be filtered to include only dismissed employees, beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries. If no checkbox is checked, no filter will be applied, and the entire list will be exported.


The file is exported in CSV format which should be opened with MS Excel.

If you see a “Line 2 Error” message when entering a .CSV format file into the Electronic Database, please perform the following steps:
Select Control Panel > Region and Language > Formats, and then select English. Then click on Additional Settings > Decimal Symbol, and if you see a comma, replace it with a dot.

SSNs in red mean either that the employee is not registered or that the SSN is wrong.

How to check electronic Documents

Adding a digital signature to an MS Office document a small red ribbon icon is displayed at the bottom of the page to confirm that the document has been signed. Right-click on the icon, press Signature Details and the necessary information will appear.


If you get Validation Error after signing MS Office files, we recommend that you download and install public certificates: -> Download Software-> EKENG Certificate Installation. Press on EKENG certificate installation.exe, choose the appropriate language and finish the installation. 

In case of occured problems, the certificates should be installed separately. Please visit the page -> Documentation-> Technical Documents and Programs and be sure to install the certificates  in the folder Trusted Root Certification Authorities (Press Install -> Next -> Place all certificates in the following store->Browse and choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities ->Next->Finish).


To check e-Signature in PDF, click the Signature Panel button in the document message bar. Right-click on signature field, press Show Signature Properties ->Show Signer’s Certificate and be informed about the time the document was signed as well as signer details.


To get acquainted with e-signature validation steps in MS Word files, please click here for User Manual.

In case you get Validation Error after signing MS Office files, we recommend that you download and install public certificates: -> Download Software-> EKENG Certificate Installation. Check "How to install public certificates?" in our FAQ.

The solution mentioned above is not effective for MS Office 2016. Here the certificates should be installed not in Trusted Root Certification Authorities  but in Trusted People folder.


Open Crypto Card Monitor, double click on ARMID (AuthPIN), then on Certificate: X.509, press Install -> Next -> Place all certificates in the following store-> Browse  and choose  Trusted People ->Next->Finish. The same steps should be conducted for ARMID (SignPIN).

In case of failure, please restart the PC.  

If you merge or make other changes to signed documents, the signature may change or be deleted, as a result of which it will be considered invalid.
If you wish to merge and sign different documents, you should first merge them, and then sign the final document or the pages of your choice.