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  • To obtain an e-Signature it is necessary to:

  • Obtain an Identification Card with PIN and PUK passwords from your local Police Passport Department. Make sure that the Identity Card number and "Document Number" written on the PIN/PUK paper are the same.
  • Activate the e-Signature certificate, included in the ID card, using the PIN/ PUK codes. Attentionthe PIN will be blocked at 3 wrong entries.
  • Pay an annual support fee of 3 000 AMD.  Click here  to get aquainted with E-Signature Support Service Public Contract.
  • In 1-2 working days, after the bank payment is made, please register in the e-Signature Personal Account using your ID card.  
  • Attention: In case of technical problems and due to system overloads shortly before the deadlines for electronic reports, the activation of electronic signatures in other electronic services may be delayed, which is beyond EKENG's control. To avoid problems, please complete the activation steps at least 2 working days in advance.
  • For additional information contact us at +374 60 464 504.
  • ARX Cosign e-Signature: Foreign Citizens 

  • To obtain an e-Signature, foreign citizens should email their request to or call +374 60 464 504.
  • The following documents are required:

    • Residence card
    • Social service number or Social card
    • Payment receipt of the 10 000 AMD annual support fee. See more