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An electronic digital signature is a sequences of encrypted symbols attached to an electronic document which enables identification of the signer and protects the document from forgery. An electronic signature helps save time and reduce expenses. 

With the adoption of the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Digital Signaturesin Armenia on 14.12.2004, e-signatures became widely accepted and used in the publicand private sectors. The reforms contributed to the improvement of e-services and increased the system’s reliability, security and accessibility.

The company facilitates the cooperation between citizens and the State, and ensures a safe and reliable online system. Citizens who have ID cards can use their e-signature in various online systems, such as that of the State Revenue Committee, e-Cadastre, e-Azdarar, Community Management System, Mulberry, etc.

EKENG coordinates the overall implementation of the e-Government Strategy in the Republic of Armenia.  The company strives to move Armenia rapidly and smoothly through the development stages of e-government and to maintain the competitiveness of Armenia’s e-society in the region and throughout the world.

Please be informed that a new edition of the public contract for electronic signature support services has entered into force on the 15th of June, 2016. The new contract has replaced all contracts signed before that date. You can find the new public contract here.
  • Steps to activate your e-signature: 

  • Visit your local passport office and fill in a request to acquire an ID Card.
  • Your ID Card will be ready within 21 business days. You will receive the Card and the envelop with PIN/PUK codes. Keep the envelop with coding in a safe place. 
  • Connect a card reader device to your computer, install Cryptocard Suite Manager software and insert your ID card into the device.
  • Open Cryptocard Monitor by pressing the activate button for both ARMID (AuthPIN) and ARMID (SignPIN) certificates.
  • During the activation process insert your PUK/PIN codes carefully; 3 wrong entries may damage your ID Card.
  • Once your ID Card is activated, enter your personal account to activate your digital signature service.
  • Login to the system by entering your PIN code.
  • Click Pay Online and chose one of the payment system.  (Arca, Arca Virtual Visa, Master). Online payment will immediately appear in your balance. You can pay as well via bank transfer or through TelCell and EasyPay payment terminals which will appear in the system up to 2 business days.
  • As soon  as the payment appeared in the balance of your Personal Page you can activate your digital signature by following the steps by the system.
  • Your electronic signature has been successfully activated!
  • Attention: In case of technical problems and due to system overloads shortly before the deadlines for electronic reports, the activation of electronic signatures in other electronic services may be delayed, which is beyond EKENG's control. To avoid problems, please complete the activation steps at least 2 working days in advance.