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The e-Repository system was implemented according to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. EKENG is responsible for the maintenance of the system. e-Repository coordinates all the services provided to beneficiaries within the scope of medical support, and regulates the medical and social support to state bodies and staff.

All state institutions ensuring free of charge medical services to state beneficiaries, may apply to EKENG in order to get access to the e-Repository system.

How to use the e-Repository system

1.The company should address a letter to the Government of the RA to receive login information for its authorized person. The letter must include the following data: name/surname, SSN, mobile phone number, the company’s tax code, e-mail address.

2. After receiving the SMS from EKENG, follow this link

3. Enter the username and e-mail address sent via SMS.

4. Follow the link sent via e-mail and enter the same password twice.

5. Enter with the username and confirmed password.


 Attention. Please read point 6 of the User's Manual, if you have problems while entering .csv files in the Electronic Database.