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What is an official e-mail?

An official e-mail is an official means of communication which is granted and used for incoming messages free of charge. According to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, a person is also considered properly notified if the notification has been sent to their official e-mail address, and a read-receipt has been received.

All natural persons are granted an official e-mail address when their Armenian ID card is issued. State and local self-government bodies and legal entities registered in the RA also have official e-mail addresses.

A natural person’s official e-mail address consists of their social services number or - if they do not have one - the number of the certificate certifying that they have not received a social services number, and the words “”. The official e-mail is considered activated upon provision of the ID card.

The official e-mail address of state and local self-government bodies and legal entities consists of the code of the legal entity or that of the staff of the state or local self-government body and the words “”.

EKENG has been appointed as the administrator of the official e-mail system in Armenia by decision № 1385-N of the RA Government, dated 12.11.2015.

How to use the official e-mail.

In order to read the information and notices received via their official e-mail, users must use their ID cards to open their personal official electronic mailbox at, after having registered as a user.

Messages received via official e-mail can be forwarded to up to 3 e-mail addresses and a mobile phone number – to be received as an SMS. Only a local number may be selected for forwarding (code +374).

Please note that forwarding is enabled for the user’s convenience and should be used at his/her own risk. A notice is considered sent, if it has been sent to the official e-mail address, regardless of whether or not it has been received on the e-mail address or phone number selected for forwarding.

For more information on how to use their official e-mail users are advised to read this guide and follow its instructions.

EKENG is not responsible for the content sent to official e-mail addresses by other entities, for the accuracy and availability of the e-mail address and phone number selected for forwarding, and for the proper reflection and transmission of electronic data; EKENG is not liable for damages suffered by users as a result of the foregoing.

How to send messages via official e-mail.

Only RA state and local self-government bodies and the legal entities included in the following list who have concluded a service contract with EKENG can send messages to official e-mail addresses. In order to use the service a static IP address is required.

Service provision procedure

  • Email to mentioning a contact number.
  • Receive the contract from EKENG in MS Word editable format.
  • Fill in the contract and email it to together with all the required documents.
  • Receive EKENG's feedback via email with the checked contract enclosed, which should be signed and submitted to EKENG in person or sent by post.
  • EKENG will send your copy of the contract within 2-3 working days either in person or by post.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Details and updates on the issue will soon be posted in our FAQ.                                           


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