General Information

Electronic Digital Signature & Identification Cards

Identification cards include digital signature certificate. Electronic signature drives productivity and effectiveness by immediate costs saving and quick return on investment, increased security and reduced fraud.

E-Signature in Electronic Tax Reports

To receive e-Signature it is required to:

1. Obtain Identification Card with PIN and PUK passwords, addressing Police Local Passport Departments.

2. Effect 3 000 AMD payment for e-Signature annual support.

This is to inform all customers, having service debts for current and previous years, to pay for e-Signature annual support avoiding e-Signature certificate cancellation.
To effect payment please visit our Online Payment page to activate the service rapidly.

Online Payment

To make online payment it is required first connect signatory’s ID card to computer and afterwards effect payment using Visa, MasterCard and Virtual ArCa payment cards.
After payment is effected, please register in EKENG SUPPORT SYSTEM . See Registration Guide and Videoguide. Please use Google Chrome to enter the system properly.

Bank Payment


3. Register in the RA State Revenue Committee system (local centers) and obtain respective Username and Password. E-Signature service in tax reporting system and e-invoicing is being activated during 3 hours (it is required to log off from e-invoicing system and login again) .

E-Signature in Funded Pension System

Required steps:

1. To obtain Identification Card with PIN and PUK passwords, addressing Police Local Passport Departments. One ID card costs 3000 AMD.

2. To effect payment for e-Signature annual support (See 2nd point above).

3. For information on ID card readers provision and/or Funded pension system, please contact “Pension System Awareness Center” Foundation. Website: www.epension.am, hot line: 114 (from regions: 0 8000 114).
See Contract for Electronic Signature services.

E-Signature: Foreign citizens

In order to get e-Signature foreign citizens should send an email to cssupport@ekeng.am or call by 374 10 512 882.

The required documents to apply for e-Signature are:

Residence card
Public service number or Social card
10 000 AMD payment order for annual support.


ID Card E-Signature in State Systems

ID card e-Signature is used in all private and public systems (e-Cadastre, Azdarar, Community Management System, Mulberry, etc.).
Public certificates installation will ensure valid e-Signature in the mentioned systems. The installation steps are presented below:
ARX Cosign signature validation
ID Card Signature validation

ID card reader software

ID card reader software is used to read, extract and print ID card data without having opportunity to make any changes. See Contract for ID card reader software.

ARX CoSign Verification software

Contact Us
Our customer support is composed of professionals dedicated to providing feedback and assistance to digital signature users.

Service Centers: 7a Khorenatsi str. and 35 Komitas Ave., Yerevan

Working days: Monday – Friday
Support hours: 10:00-18:00

Tel. numbers:
• 374 10 512 882
• 374 60 464 504
• 374 10 565 931

E-mail: cssupport@ekeng.am
Skype: ekengcustomersupport – available Monday to Friday, 11:00-17:00.

We provide also Spontaneous Support to the customers having difficulties with eSignature program installation and usage.

ID Card & e-Signature

ATTENTION. Please, pay great attention to PIN and PUK codes (they are provided in a closed envelope at passport office together with ID card. Be sure, that Identity Card number and “Document Number” on PIN/PUK paper are the same. In case of mismatch ask passport station before activating the ID Card).
PIN code should be activated at first use.   It will be automatically blocked entering wrong up to 3 times.

Required Software & Userguides


1. Cryptocard Suite Manager

Cryptocard Suite Manager is a necessary package to use e-Signature. The installation versions are presented below:

Windows XP
In case a computer is running 64-bit version, install first Cryptocard Suite Manager Windows 32 version, afterwards 64 bit – Windows 64:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS 32 and 64 bit versions, install only Windows 32 version of Cryptocard Suite Manager program.

2. JSignPDF

JSignPDF (version 1.4.5) is a necessary package to sign PDF files.

In case card reader driver ( SCR 3310 driver) is not installed automatically, click the links below:


Installation Guide for Windows (SCR3xxx driver)


Userguide_Armenian Version Userguide, Version 1.5

Videoguide_Armenian Version Videoguide, Version 1.1

The advanced versions of English Userguides can be found below:

CryptoCard Suite Manager Userguide
JSignPdf userguide

We welcome any comments or suggestions concerning to Userguides.
Please contact us at 374 10 512 882 or email to cssupport@ekeng.am.

Public certificates

Issued in 2012:
CitizenCA CRT
NationalRootCA CRT

Issued in 2013:
NationalRootCA CRT

For getting acquainted with public certificates installation steps, see “Why do I get Validation Error in Ms Office file signature?” question in FAQ.

Certificate Revocation List

Issued in 2012:
CitizenCA CRL
NationalRootCA CRL

Issued in 2013:
NationalRootCA CRL


  • E-repository system

  • How to get acquainted with E-Repository development and management decision?

    Please get acquainted with E-Repository development and management decision pressing here

  • How to use e_Repository system?

    The steps of using e-Repository are:
    1. Enter https://erepo.gov.am/activation link after getting an SMS
    2. Enter the received login (ex: n.kocharyan) and e-mail address
    3. Press on the existing link in the received e-mail and enter a password twice
    4. Enter https://erepo.gov.am link with the received login and confirmed password.

  • How to register and new employee in e-Repository system?

    1. Press on “Add new Employee”

    2. Enter the SSN and press “Search”


    3. In the opened window “Personal data” field is unchanged and non-editable
    4. Employer data field should be filled, the part of “Beneficiary” marked and should be chosen the dates, after which press “Add”


  • What browser should be used for e-Repository system?

    It is advised to use Google Chrome browser for e-Repository system.
  • ID Cards

  • What is ID (Identification) card?

    Identification card certifies citizen identity and nationality within the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

  • What does ID card contain?

    Identification card contains an electronic database, individual cryptographic keys, electronic digital signature and certificates for identity.

  • What is needed to know while getting an ID card?

    Attention: While getting an ID Card, please, be sure, that Identity Card number and “Document Number” on PIN/PUK paper are the same. In case of mismatch ask passport station before activating the ID Card PIN/PUK codes.

  • At what age can a person get ID card?

    Persons up to the age of 16 can obtain an ID card. The process is voluntary.

  • How to get ID card?

    A citizen should apply to the territorial passport service to obtain ID card.

  • How many working days are required for getting ID card?

    The ID card is provided (exchanged) on 15-th working day after applying for it or earlier by extra payment.

  • What is the next step after getting ID card?

    After getting ID card, register to State Revenue Committee system, afterwards to EKENG online system in order to activate e-Signature (find more at General Information – www.ekeng.am->e-Signature->General Information).

  • What kind of documents are required for tax service system?

    In order to be informed, please visit the service centers of el. reports (Territorial, 7a Khorenatsi str.) or call the following numbers:

    374 60 544 771 (Khorenatsi Service center)
    374 0322 2 42 04 (Vanadzor Service Center)

  • What kind of documents are required for EKENG to activate e-Signature?

    The client subscription goes online and no document is required for that process.

  • What will I do if already have e-Signature (Cosign system)?

    e-Signature Cosign (previous) system is in blocking stage now. Signatories should apply to the territorial passport department for getting ID card.

  • Is it possible for foreign citizen to obtain ID card?

    Foreign citizens will not be provided with ID cards.
    To get e-Signature they should send an email to cssupport@ekeng.am or call by 374 10 512 882 (find more at General Information – www.ekeng.am->e-Signature->General Information).

  • What is the validation period of ID card?

    Identification card is valid for 10 years.

  • How to act in case ID card is lost?

    In case ID card is lost, a citizen should apply to the territorial passport service to obtain a new ID card.

  • Will ID card be used abroad?

    ID cards will be used as documents certifying citizens’ identity and nationality only within the territory of the RA.

  • ID Cards technical questions

  • How to connect ID card to computer?

    In order to use ID card eSignature USB Card Reader device is needed, which connects to computer by USB 2.0 port.
  • What are ID card reader requirements?

    Requirement 1: The equipment shall have full speed USB.
    Requirement 2: The equipment shall be compliant with ISO 7816 standard.
    Requirement 3: The equipment shall support T=0, T=1 protocols.
    Requirement 4: The equipment shall support ID-1 Card

  • What are ID card reader models?

    1. SCR 3310/3310 v2.0 smart card reader
    2. Actividdentity USB reader v3.0
    3. Athena ASEDrive IIIe USB reader
    4. Omnikey 3021 USB reader

  • Which software is used for ID card eSignature ?

    To use e-Signature via ID card Cryptotech Suite and JSignPDF (for signing PDF files) software should be installed.
  • What technical parameters should a PC have?

    CryptoCard Suite and JSignPDF software is compatible with the following operating systems and software:
    • Windows XP(it is better to have SP)
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7 / 8
    • LINUX
    • MS Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010
    • Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader 6 or newer versions
  • Why I get “Device driver was not successfully installed”?

    In case card reader driver isn’t installed automatically, the following message will appear on the right corner of computer screen:

    Below presented the appropriate driver:
    SCR3310 driver: SCR3xxx_V8.45

  • Is it possible to use Id card signature in remote way?

    Id card signature is impossible to use in remote way. The card should be connected exactly to computer and conduct signing process.

  • How to install Cryptotech Suite?

    Proper option of installation (Windows 32 or Windows 64) should be selected:
    64 bit operation system is required to install 32bit primarily,then the version scheduled for 64bit OS.
    Double click on the file CryptoCardSuite.exe, which will open the second window, from where click Next> Next> Install> Finish
    After installation in Start Menu list CryptoTech folder is added with the all necessary components.

  • What are PIN and PUK codes?

    PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is an identification number of a particular person. PIN code may contain numbers and / or letters in English.
    PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) is used to unblock the PIN code. PUK may also contain numbers and / or letters in English.
  • How to activate PIN code?

    PIN code should be activated at first use, otherwise the certificate will not work. To activate PIN code insert ID card into card reader, launch the program CryptoCard Suite Manager, click ARMID (AuthPIN) and press Activate.

    In Crypto Tech CSP window enter PUK code in Initial PUK and PIN code in New PIN as well as Confirm fields.

    After the actions above press “OK” in the opened window.

    The same steps to undertake for ARMID(SignPIN).

  • How to change the Pin code?

    To change PIN code Card reader device should be switched on and ID card inserted. After that launch CryptoCard Suite software, mark ARMID (AuthPIN) and press the button change PIN.

    Click YES button in the warning window.

    In new opened window enter the PUK code in the PUK field. In the field New PIN enter PIN code and verify repeating in confirm field and then click OK.

    The following window opens after successfully implemented actions

  • Why I get message“PIN blocked”

    Attention: PIN code will be automatically blocked entering wrong up to 3 times.

    To unblock PIN code launch the program CryptoCard Suite Manager and press Unblock.

    In the opened window click Yes

    In the presented window enter PUK code in PUK filed, afterwards PIN code in New PIN as well as Confirm fileds.

    After the actions above click OK

  • How to act in case PUK code is lost?

    In such case a citizen should apply to the territorial passport department to obtain a new ID card.
  • How to ensure PIN code safety?

    To ensure PIN code safety it’s recommended to activate it at first use. In case we get error message over 3 times during the PIN code activation, the certificate will considered as invalid and a citizen should apply to the territorial passport department to obtain a new ID card.

  • How to ensure PUK code safety?

    PUK code will be blocked entering wrong up to 9 times during PIN code changing, unblocking and some other actions. In such case a citizen should apply to the territorial passport department to obtain a new ID card.

  • How to get sure ID card certificate exists in computer

    Getting connected ID card to computer the following message will appear on the right corner of computer screen:

  • How to install ID card certificate?

    In case ID card certificate isn’t installed automatically, the following steps should be taken in the program Cryptotech Suite Manager: double-click on ARMID(AuthPIN) as well as on Certificate: X.509.

    Click Install Certificate

    Click “Next”, select “Place all certificates in the following store” and press “Browse”

    In the displayed list chooseTrusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK

    In the displayed window click Finish.

    After the actions above click OK.

  • Why magenta signs of eID certificates are missing in Cryptotech Suite Manager?

    In case in Cryptotech Suite Manager magenta colored certificate signs are missing, Cryptotech Suite Manager should be reinstalled (it is better to uninstall first, then restart the Windows and install).

    After reinstalling ascertain that the certificate signs exist:

  • How to sign MS Office 2003 files

    To sign MS Word 2003 files save the document and choose Options from Tools menu:

    Choose Security and press Digital Signatures

    Press OK in order to add signature.

    Mark the signing purpose in the part “Purpose for signing this document” and press Sign.

    Enter Pin code in the opened CrypteTech CSP window and press OK. The signature will be confirmed by pressing OK in the opened window.

  • How to sign MS Office 2007 files?

    Before signing an MS Word 2007 file, it is necessary to save the signing file, then select Prepare-> Add a Digital Signature from Office button

    Press the button OK in order to add signature.

    Mark the signing purpose in the part “Purpose for signing this document” and press Sign.

    Enter the Pin code in the opened CrypteTech CSP window and press OK. The signature will be confirmed by pressing OK in the opened window.
  • How to sign MS Office 2010 files?

    Before signing MS Word 2010 files, it is necessary to save the signing file, then from File menu select Info-> Protect Document-> Add a Digital Signature

    Press OK in order to add signature.

    Mark the signing purpose in the part “Purpose for signing this document” and press Sign.

    Enter Pin code in the opened CrypteTech CSP window and press OK. The signature will be confirmed by pressing OK in the opened window.
  • Why am I unable to sign MS Word 2007 files?

    If the OS is Windows XP and MS Word is 2007, in case of getting the notification “Your signature could not be added….” , it is advised to do one of the following steps:
    Word 2007
    1. Change MS Word 2007 to 2010
    2. Uninstall ARX CoSign
    3. Install the eID and public certificates (www.ekeng.am -> e-Signature -> ID Card &e_Signature)
    If after the above mentioned steps the problem is not be solved, call to EKENG CJSC (010 512 882) or write a letter to cssupport@ekeng.am e-mail address.

  • Why I get the message “Your Signature could not be added to the document”?

    In case you get the message above while siging MS 2010 file, the steps below should be taken:

    Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> right click on Microsoft Office Word 2010, press Properties and select Compatibilty. Press on Run (checkbox), select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and click OK:

    If necessary, the same steps should be undertaken for programs Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

  • Why “Add a Digital Signature” option is missing in Microsoft Office 2010 Starter version?

    “Add a Digital Signature” option is missing in Microsoft Office 2010 Starter version, so it’s advised to install Microsoft Office 2010 Proffesional version.

  • How to sign MS Word file by 2 or more people?

    To sign a MS Word file by 2 or more people, insert the second ID card into Card reader, click Office button, select Prepare->Add a digital Signature and press Change inSign window.

    Choose the appropriate certificate form certificates opened list, press OK and Sign:

  • How to change eSignature appearance in MS Office file?

    For inserting an image in the signature of MS Word files, choose Signature Line from Insert menu and press Microsoft Office Signature Line

    Press OK in the following window


    The fields in Signature Setup window can be filled (signer’s name/surname, signer’s title and e-mail address) or skipped and press OK


    After pressing OK twice press on the new opened line, then press OK in the opened Microsoft Office Word window


    In the opened Sign window press Select Image and choose already prepared picture (it is advised to have the scanned view of the signature in small sizes)


    After choosing the picture press on Sign
    In CryptoTech CSP window enter the PIN code and press OK
    After creating the signature succesfully in Signature Confirmation window press OK

  • How to sign MS Excel file?

    MS Excel files signing procedure is the same with MS Word files.

  • Why do I get Validation Error in Ms Office file signature?

    In case of getting Validation Error in MS Office signature, it is advised to download the public certificates below and install.

    Issued in 2012:
    CitizenCA CRT
    NationalRootCA CRT

    Issued in 2013:
    CAofRoA CRT
    NationalRootCA CRT

    After downloading the certificates right click on CitizenCA, press Install Certificate and press Open
    In the opened window press Next>


    Choose Place all certificates in the following store, and then press Browse


    Choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities and press OK


    Press Next> and Finish


    Press OK in the opened window
    Install NationalRootCA certificate with the same steps.

  • Why I can’t see electronic stamp in MS Excel 2003 file?

    In general, electronic stamp doesn’t appear after signing MS Excel 2003 file. To get sure the file is signed, sign it, close and reopen. In case the signature inserted, in the left corner of the file [Signed, unverified] message will appear.

  • How to install JSignPDF software?

    Double click on the JSignPdf_setup_1.3.0_wjre file in order to install JSignPdf software. Then choose Next > Next> Next> Next> Finish.

  • How to use JSignPDF software?

    Choose JSignPdf software from Start Menu: Start-> Programs -> JSignPdf-> JSignPdf 1.3.0 and fix advanced view option after program is opened.

  • How to sign PDF files?

    After JSignPDF start up press Advanced View, upload signatory’s certificate via Load Keys , press Browse from Input PDF file to select the file to be signed, afterwards fix Append Signature to the existing one and press Sign It.

    See program work:

    In opened CryptoTech CSP window enter the PIN code and press OK.

    You’ll see finished in Console window by the end of the process. After Signature successfully created press Close button.

  • How to upload signing file?

    Choose from Input Pdf file Browse button to sign pdf file and press button Sign it.Signed file exports with the suffix “_signed”.

  • Why the certificate hasn’t been uploaded pressing Load Keys?

    In case the certificate in JSignPdf hasn’t been uploaded pressing Load Keys after ID card insertion into Card reader, it’s recommended to change key store type fromWINDOWS-MY to WINDOWS ROOT, press Load Keys, disregard the message, afterwards choose WINDOWS-MY and press Load Keys once more.

    Attention – It’s required to check computer date and time as well.

  • How to sign a pdf file by 2 or more people?

    In order to sign the same file from 2 and more people, remove first ID card from Card reader, insert the second one and press Load Keys in JSignPdf.

    In case it’s necessary choose the signatory’s certificate from appropraite list. Press Browse in Input PDF file line and select already signed file, by “_signed” suffix.

    Attention Select Append Signature to existing one otherwise the next signature will be placed deleting the previous one.

    Open the file after signing and get sure SRC and given signatory’s signatures are really placed on the document.

  • How to change e-Signature place in PDF files?

    In order to change eSignature place and size in PDF file, activate Visible Signature and press Settings . In the opened window Visible Signature Settings press Preview and Select and edit signature place and size by mouse left click.

  • How to change e-Signature appearance in PDF files?

    In order to change e-Signature appearance in PDF file, select one of versions below in Visible Signature Settings -> Display:1. Description only – Appears the text inserted in Signature Text. To add text, deactivate Default part of the line.

    2. Image and description – Appears text and image. Text addition as displayed above. To add an image, press Image , Browse, select the already saved image (via scan) and press Open.

    3. Signature name and description – Appears signatory name, surname and the text inserted in Signature text field.

    After the required steps press Close . Changes will appear in signature text.

  • How to sign Tax invoice?

    To sign a tax invoice select the given invoice and press sign:

    After pressing “sign” choose signature type – ARX Cosign or ID card.

    By choosing ARX Cosign, enter User and Password concerning to this program and press Sign.

    By choosing ID card type, select WINDOW-MY, press Բեռնել (Load) and load signatory’s certificate, afterwards enter PIN code in PIN field and press Sign, as in the picture below:

  • What is Key Store?

    Key Store is a place, wherе certificates are stored (public and private keys). Ensure that it is marked WINDOWS-MY KeyStore type after the program starts, otherwise choose it from KeyStore type.
  • What is Key alias?

    To sign a pdf file it is necessary to upload private key of a person pressing the button Load Keys

    if there other private keys in the store, the private key of the signer should be chosen.
  • Why I get guestion mark pressing Load Keys in Key Alias?

    In case you get guestion mark pressing Load Keys in Key Alias, choose the signatory’s appropriate certificate from opened list, for example: [CSS Name, Surname, Public service number]:


  • What is Output PDF file?

    Output PDF file (optional) alternative option uses when you want signed file be visible without “_signed” suffix.

  • What is reason, location, contact?

    Reason (Optional), Location (Optional), Contact (Optional) fields are alternative and in given fields fills additional information about Signature.Pressing Signature Panel button in the right sector of the page you will save entered information in outgoing PDF file.
  • What certification level should be used?

    On Certification level line it is necessary to choose No changes allowed option which excludes changes of a document after signing.
  • What is the function of Encrypted sector?

    Encrypted checkbox provides maximum security of the pdf document. Choosing this option you’ll additionally save the document with owner and user passwords.

  • What is the meaning of Remember passwords sector(checkbox)?

    Remember passwords option may be chosen if you don’t want enter your PIN code each time you sign. It is not recommended to use this option if the computer is used by more than one user.

  • What is the meaning of Rights sector(checkbox)?

    Rights button will be activated when Encrypted option is chosen, which defines permissible actions in pdf file. A new window will be shown, where it is possible to determine the possible options.
  • What is the Append Signature section?

    JsignPdf can work in two ways of signing. It replaces the existing signature with a new one. New signature will be attached, if ‘Append signature’ is marked and the old signatures will be remained unchanged.
    This option does not apply in the case of encrypted documents.
  • How to specify additional parameters of signature?

    After marking Visible Signature checkbox, Settings button automatically activates, which defines visible signature’s parameters(position, place, images and etc.)

    The number of the page on which the signature is added (calculated from 1).
    Preview & Select
    Signature place on the page is defined by choosing Preview & Select button, then marking signature position/size using mouse left click. Relevant parameters will be shown in Visible Signature Settings window.
    Choose Image and description option from display box to define signature appearance as a picture. After that will be activated browse button from Image field. Select appropriate image using the button.
  • What is a simple view of JSignPDF?

    You need to load keys from Advanced View option to work in a simple view of the program. After deactivation Advanced View version saving necessary steps for signing pdf files signing is the same as in the Advanced View version.
  • How to get the certificate revocation list

    For getting acquainted with certificate revocation list, it is advised to download and open the following lists:Issued in 2012:
    CitizenCA CRL
    NationalRootCA CRL

    Issued in 2013:
    CAofRoA CRL
    NationalRootCA CRL

  • Electronic Digital Signature

  • What is an Electronic Digital Signature?

    Electronic digital signature is a unique sequence of electronic  symbols attached to an electronic document. It is used to identify the signatory and to protect the electronic document from forgery.

  • Where the electronic signature is used?

    Electronic Signature is used during electronic reports deliveries as well as during electronic documents circulation.

  • How to get an Electronic Signature?.

    Please select “General Information” tab or just click here

  • Is EKENG CJSC the only Electronic Signature Provider?

    Nowdays EKENG CJSC is the only accredited certification center in the Republic of Armenia.

  • Are the signature-creation data being stored?

    Certification centers must ensure electronic signature’s service confidentiality by do not storing the signer’s creation data according to the law of «Electronic document and electronic digital signature” of the Republic of Armenia.

  • How is Electronic Signature being regulated in the Republic of Armenia?

    The Law of the Republic of Armenia on “Electronic document and electronic signature”, accepted on 14.12.2004, regulates the relations of electronic documents and electronic signatures application. The present law does not regulate the relations connected to the copies and electronic transformations of manuscript signature, as well as the usage of similar documents.

  • Can a physical person use his electronic signature for different companies’ documents?

    Having obtained eSignature, a physical person may use it for different companies, signing appropriate contracts with tax service.

  • How to place a signature electronic appearance?

    In order to have a signature electronic appearance, one should upload signature scanned image by following these steps: CoSign Control Panel-> Graphical Signatures->Login->Load Picture. The alternative way is CoSign Control Panel->Graphical Signatures->Login->Capture Signature button which allows to sign by mouse.

  • How can a physical person change his electronic signature?

    Previously signed documents hold their legal force. The old signature’s usage is interrupted.

  • How to act in case of contract expiration?

    5000 AMD fee is paid for the next year service delivery. The signatory or the company will be additionally informed via mail about the details and the necessary steps.

  • Is it possible to change the document after signature installation?

    Document can be changed, but the signature will be considered invalid.

  • Program Requirments

    CoSign is a necessary tool for generating electronic signatures. It requires the following operating systems and programs:

        • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 և 64 bit
        • MS Office 2003 / 2007
      • Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader
  • What is PKI?

    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the basis for standard electronic signatures. PKI provides each user with a pair of keys, a Private Key and a Public Key, used in every signed transaction.The system of public key usage is called Public Key Infrastructures.

  • Which signatures are considered as valid?

    The valid signatures are those, which are included in the trusted certificates’ list of the operating system.

  • ARX CoSign

  • How do I sign with CoSign?

    Please, get acquainted with the CoSign User Guide and CoSign video

  • What steps to undertake in case of ca.gov.am server problem?

    In case of ca.gov.am server problems it is recommended to add and permanently save ca1.gov.am version in Cosign Control Panel ->Client Configuration-> Appliances-> Appliances list. ca1.gov.am will serve as an alternative mean in case of ca.gov.am failure. Find the pictures below:

    Clip Image

    Clip Image

  • Why I have three icons in ARX CoSign Control Panel?

    Three icons in ARX CoSign Control Panel indicates that connection failed to CoSign server located on ca.gov.am. Check the internet connection and 443 SSL Port (in case of proxy server or Firewall). In case of Proxy server, choose «Enable automatic ssl detection» in Cosign Control Panel ->User->Client Configuration. (See picture)

  • Why I get symbols instead of the signatory name and surname?

    Solution 1. In case the signature appears with symbols instead of the name and surname, one should set Use defaults button in CoSign Control Panel ->Client Configuretion->Microsoft Office-> Appearance-> Settings->Reasons->Excel-Specific->Word-Specific>Miscellaneous all submenus.

    Clip Image

    Solution 2. In case CoSign menu is not seen among MS Word/Excel other menus (Home, Insert, etc.), follow the mentioned steps: Insert -> Signature Line->Microsoft Office Signature Line.

    Clicking on Signature Line, a small window will be opened:

    Fill in the necessary fields, press OK and meet the following appearance:

  • Why does the login window appear frequently?

    To cancel temporarily the login window, following steps should be done: choose the Cosign Control Panel -> Client Configuration -> Client ->Login Dialog->Set login dialog parameters field and set Verify user name in prompt for sign version.


  • Why I get “User is locked and can’t login” alert?

    When entering wrong password up to 5 times, the password is automatically blocked and the following alert appears:


    For activating the password or having a new one the user should call +374 10 512 882  or write an e-mail to cssupport@ekeng.am.

  • Why I get “Failed to select a certificate” alert?

    This notice can be caused by username and password wrong input.

    Failed Certificate

  • Why I get “Failed to select a certificate. Cannot connect to the CoSign appliance alert?

    The connection to the CoSign server failed. Check the connection by command ping ca.gov.am.

  • Why eSignature date (time) differs from my computer date?

    e-Signature date automatically uses server data. In case the date and time of your eSignature is wrong and do not match signing date, please contact customer support team at +374 10 512 882 to clarify the issue.

  • How to use the password after program re-installation?

    The password provided by EKENG needs to be changed after program installation. Password change process takes place on CoSign Server, so after program re-installation or its’ installation to another computer one should use the changed password.

  • Why ‘Sign with Omnisign’ is missing in the right submenu of PDF file?

    The following 3 solutions are available:

    1. If Adobe Reader has been installed after Cosign Client installation this command can be absent. In this case one should re-install ARX Cosign Client without uninstalling it in advance.

    2. If “Sign with OmniSign” is missing from mouse right click menu and you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is recommended to do the steps below.
    • Open the .pdf file with Adobe Reader.
    • Choose File –> Print
    • Choose “ARX CoSign OmniSign Printer” from printer’s list.
    • OmniSign page will run automatically where you may click the “Sign” button and put your signature.

    Before to proceed, please check if ARX OmniSign Printer was properly installed during the installation.

    3. In case of installation problem with OmniSign Printer, the PDFCreator will be an alternative program, which can be selected as a printer, permitting almost any application to print to PDF.

  • What is ARX OmniSign printer and why I can’t install it?

    ARX OmniSign Printer serves as a “virtual digital signature printer” to which files are sent, and from which they return converted into a signed PDF file. OmniSign enables to sign any printable data from any application.

    ARX OmniSign Printer is not compatible with Windows 7 operation system. It works with Windows XP, Windows 2000 operation systems.

    The major benefits offered by OmniSign include:

    • Sign any document by using the document’s application File > Print command.
    • Sign existing PDF files without the need for expensive solutions, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional.

    In case of installation problem with OmniSign Printer, the PDFCreator will be an alternative program, which can be selected as a printer, permitting almost any application to print to PDF.

  • How to use 2 and more signatures’ in the same PC?

    The program can be installed once in case of 2 and more signatures and CDs. For using 2 and more signatures in the same PC, after the first signer the second should click Log off button in Start-> Programs-> ARX CoSign -> Cosign Control Panel and sign the same document using another username and password.

  • Where is specified the Electronic Signature’ username and password?

    Electronic Signature username is on CD surface, as for password, it is provided with the same CD.

  • How to check the validation period of my Certificate?

    Right click your signature and choose Details. See the field Expiration Date. See the picture.

    To view the Validation Date, click View Certificate button. See picture.

  • What is the Electronic Signature appearance in .pdf file and markups?

    Electronic Signature appearance in .pdf file can have several types.

    Signature validating markups in Adobe.

    Signature validating markups in Adobe

  • How to check the signature validity and document modification?

    Choose Validate Signature submenu from signature right menu and choose the Signature Properties button. In an appeared window you’ll see detailed information about signature.

  • How to check and validate Cosign user signature?

    For validation: right-click the signature and select Validate from the pop-up menu. “V” validation symbol will be displayed.

    For signature details checking: right-click the signature and select Details from the pop-up menu. It will allow viewing signatory electronic certificate certified by the appropriate certification authority.

    Not Validated

    To view certificate information, click View Certificate button, which provides general certificate information, to whom the certificate was issued, the certificate issuer name, and the certificate’s expiration date.

    Not Validated

  • Why I see ”Not Validated Yet” message in signature details?

    In case “Not Validated Yet” message appears in signature details, you may download CA Certificate following the mentioned steps: Cosign Control Panel->Client Configuration->CA->Install CA Certificate.


  • How to include the certificate in Adobe’s trusted certificate list?

    After previous point action, take steps as shown below. Choose Show Certificate-> -Trust->Add to trusted list. In an appeared window click OK, fill in the open fields and validate.

    Trusted identities

  • How to sign the documents with Adobe Reader in case of Sign button is absent?

    If Adobe Acrobat Professional is not installed in PC, .pdf files can be signed with OmniSign device.

  • Why I can’t see the CoSign Ribbon in Microsoft Word/Excel 2007?

    If case the CoSign Ribbon is absent, that means it was not properly installed.
    You should perform the following steps to reinstall CoSign:

    Open Microsoft Word/Excel 2007 and go to Word Options > Add-ins > COM Add-ins > Go.

    See the picture.

    To continue, click OK.

  • How to use eSignature for Web services?

    In conjunction with eSignature software ARX CoSign, SAPI – signature application programming interface provides digital signatures for web applications. One of the functionalities SAPI provides to is:

    • Web Services - This enables developers to use Web Services that run inside the CoSign appliance as well as enables the platforms and development languages to interact with CoSign through the evolving standard of Web Services.

    In case, you are using eSignature for Web services and SOAP protocols, you may address your official request to: EKENG CJSC, 12 Saryan St., Yerevan, RA and to send an e-mail to: cssupport@ekeng.am to receive all the necessary items for the integration.







Electronic signature allows to save time, accelerate revenue, slash costs and dramatically improve customer satisfaction, security, and compliance.

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