e-ID Cards and e-Passports

The world has begun a global shift towards a digital society with the explosion of digital technologies and emergence of new international and national threats to nations.

Calls for tightened security for international travelers and the increase of internal identity fraud have led nations to implementing passports and identification cards with biometric parameters.

On March 15, 2008, the President of the Republic of Armenia issued an official order entitled “On the Conception for Migration System of the Republic of Armenia and for Introduction of the System of Electronic Passports and Identification Cards with Biometric Parameters in the Republic of Armenia.”

In support of the Presidential Order, the Government of Armenia initiated a project for the introduction of electronic documents with biometric parameters in the Republic of Armenia which is coordinated by the Police of RA and EKENG CJSC.

The current passport will be replaced with  e-ID card for citizens identification inside the country and e-Passport serving as a travel document.


  • Provide Armenian citizens with new highly secure documents,
  • Address the concerns of national security, border control and identity fraud,
  • Facilitate visa regime,
  • Create a secure infrastructure supporting e-Government services and promoting e-Society development in Armenia.

Current status

Armenian team through the technical support and advisement of international experts prepared the bidding documents and in October, 2010 the Tender for the introduction of electronic documents was announced.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia announced polish “PWPW SA” company as the winner of the tender. The introduction of biometric passports and ID cards in Armenia is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2012.

Expected results

  • Establishment of safe and reliable electronic identification infrastructure,
  • Introduction of fully compliant with ICAO standards electronic passports,
  • Introduction of multifunctional eID card supporting e-services:
  • E-Pension account

    Armenian citizens will have electronic personal pension account in the depository where social contributions will be accumulated. Personal pension accounts will be managed electronically by users.
  • E-Banking (internet-banking, mobile-banking)

    Currently almost all large banks are planning to introduce e-banking implementation mechanisms, which will ensure information exchange between the bank and client as well as making bank transactions, submission of applications for using bank services, receipt of information, account opening, checking, making transfers, receipt of statements, provision of complaints, suspension of cards, closing of cards, etc.
  • E-Signature Instrument

    Digital certificates and private keys can be stored in the card equipping citizens with the possibility for identification, authentication and electronic signatures.
  • Medical card

    The card is envisaged to be used within the integrated health information system for citizens identification ensuring high level of confidentiality and security.
    In Addition, health information such as blood type, chronic diseases, and allergies can be stored in the chip for providing immediate treatment for emergency cases.
  • Driving License

    Driving license information such as license type, expiry date, etc can be stored into the chip of eID card and replace the current driving license.
  • Payment Card

    The card can be used for payments.



Electronic signature allows to save time, accelerate revenue, slash costs and dramatically improve customer satisfaction, security, and compliance.

ID Card & e-Signature

Public certificates

For certificates or IDCard's issued before 27.10.2013
   CitizenCA CRT
   NationalRootCA CRT
For certificates or IDCard's issued after 27.10.2013
   CAofRoA CRT
   NationalRootCA CRT

For automatic install all certificates, download and run program download here

Certificate revocation list

For certificates or IDCard's issued before 27.10.2013
   CitizenCA CRL
   NationalRootCA CRL
For certificates or IDCard's issued after 27.10.2013
   CAofRoA CRL
   NationalRootCA CRL

Company News

  • Invitation for Bids

    EKENG CJSC and Foreign Financing Projects Management Center of the Ministry of Finance of the RoA invite sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for Supply of Equipment for electronic mail system. See more…

  • EKENG’s 5th Anniversary

    EKENG celebrates 5th anniversary. Due to the advanced and flexible procedures company reaches great success in e-Government field. Currently, EKENG is developing innovative methods aimed to expand and modernize CA, Digital signature, e-ID cards and passports, e-Health and other e-governance related systems.

  • EKENG / ERICSSON collaboration in scope of e-Health

    EKENG CJSC is assigned the role of an implementation agency for Integrated Health Information System deployment in Armenia.  A Roadmap for the IHISA implementation was developed by EKENG CJSC on the basis of the feasibility study conducted with the assistance of international experts. Government Staff of RoA selected Ericsson through its associated Croatian company Ericsson Nikola [...]

  • Certification Authority launched

    This is to inform about the Certification Authority launching on October 28, 2013. The infrastructure will essentially improve electronic services environment. See more…

  • E-Signature Support System Integration

    We are pleased to inform about the integration of e-Signature Online System.

  • EKENG Trainings in SRC Training Center

    On January 24, 2013 EKENG conducted trainings on e-Signature via ID cards.

  • EKENG Trainings on e-Signature via ID cards

    On January 22- 23, 2013 EKENG conducted trainings on e-Signature via ID cards.